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Generic dapoxetine online review, where it's rated #1 compared to other antidepressants. I took dapoxetine 3 times a day for 2 months (as recommended by my doctor), but then stopped abruptly one day about 30 days ago. I have completely recovered from my depression. I am now back to being the happy, open, energetic person I was before started the SSRI. It was such a relief not to have this burden anymore. I felt great before starting generic pharmacy uk the pill. I wish had known about it before using it. Pros And Cons Here are my pros and cons regarding this medication: Pro: Low cost. For people who need extra income, this is an easy choice. Cons: There are also side effects of higher chance nausea, irritability and anxiety. These are not significant enough to have a major effect on person, but are enough to be cons